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Résumés Are Judged In About 15 Seconds...Will Yours Survive?

The old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression really comes into play in the competition for high-level career positions.

As a senior executive, there will be relatively few attractive open positions in the market, and always a strong field of highly competitive candidates. If your résumé doesn’t immediately stand out and impress the recruiter at a Spencer Stuart or Korn/Ferry…or a member of a company’s Board…or your “A list” networking contact who is considering recommending you to a target company, the chances of prevailing are slim. And 15 seconds is not hyperbole – there are actual studies showing that it is often even less than that!

It's guaranteed that the competition will be fierce for the positions you’re targeting. The investment you make with us will boost your confidence and allow you to compete more effectively.


What's Your Unique Value Proposition? What's In It For Your Target?

Corporations routinely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on consumer research to determine what’s important to their target audience…and how the attributes of their product can be positioned to uniquely meet those needs more effectively than their competitors can.

The importance of discovering your own Unique Value Proposition most relevant to targeted companies cannot be overstated, and yet the clear majority of résumés I’ve reviewed over the years contain mostly boilerplate, undifferentiated content. Also of concern, most documents are not formatted to create a senior-level, distinctive executive appearance.

So that’s our focus…using classic marketing disciplines to create strategically grounded Résumés, Executive Bios, Board Profiles and other collateral materials that clearly communicate a powerful UVP, create a distinctly professional image, and, most importantly, give our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace!

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Does Your Consultant Have The Right Experience For You?

As President of Leadership Portfolios, John Kellogg’s background in industry line management positions, along with his extensive career management experience, allows him to coach senior-level executives in a unique way. He has run a $100+ million P&L, served as a senior marketing executive with $ Billion+ corporations, and spent the last decade working with high profile executives as both a career coach and retained executive recruiter. Additionally, he is credentialed as a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

The vast majority of the high achieving executives John has worked with over the years have one thing in common: their ability to market themselves falls far short of their career potential. If it sounds like this might be your story, Leadership Portfolio’s marketing services should be of interest to you.

“I invite you to contact me for a confidential, complimentary phone consultation to see if it might make sense for us to work together.”
John Kellogg

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